Drew and Amanda's Beachside Rehearsal

Our adventure started last week when Garrett was biking in his last race of the season. On the second to last lap I lost track of him assuming I just missed him, but the last lap finished and still no Garrett. A trip to the ER and two cracked ribs later he was down for the count.

A week of rest and relaxing came to a close and we packed all the gear, loaded it onto my back, and made our way to North Carolina. I'm considering myself lucky that he was feeling up to the trip because, you know, we're a team... 

We met up with Drew and Amanda and a some more sweet Minnesotans at a breathtaking beachside rental. Between catching up with friends and the taco buffet we managed to grab a couple of pictures.

Huge success of a night in my opinion, and what a great way to get you ready for the rest of Hurricane AmanDrew.