#matRICKmony (part one)

We had so much fun reliving this day. From the moment we met up with Nick for a cut and a shave to the last song of the night this wedding was 100% full. Full of love, family, friends, cuteness, tears, laughter, and #rick. We had so many favorites we had to split it into two parts... 

#matRICKmony (part one)

Part two... they say I do and everyone dances all night long.... coming soon!

Rob & Katie Round Two

and so we meet again... (check out the first time here.) 

We rendezvoused with Rob & Katie at their place in Uptown, Minneapolis for a few warm up snaps around the neighborhood and then did a quick change and headed downtown for our more formal session. They were troopers as we followed them around like bees, Garrett attacking one angle and me popping out of nowhere (behind bushes, cars, hiding in door frames... I guess it's my thing now). 

#RICK (the night before)

I don't even know how to put into words what a perfect weekend we had shooting Robin & Nick's wedding. Starting at moto i for an Open Mic style rehearsal dinner, Robin and Nick were regaled by family and friends as they preformed a selection of songs for the couple, with the couple and about the couple and so on. We had just enough fun that some of us were still bright eyed and bushy tailed for their nuptials the following morning. 

Hurricane AmanDrew

If rain on your wedding day is a good omen I can only imagine the good vibes heading towards Drew and Amanda as they embark on their life as a married couple. What started out as a bought of bad weather turned into Tropical Storm Hermine, I've never seen two people take anything in such an easy even keel stride. Both were too excited to let a little rain, wind, lighting and such get in the way of their nuptials. 

They gathered together with friends and family at the Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. Luckily, the venue hosted the entire event from ceremony to the dance and we didn't have to venture out into the storm...

Rob & Katie Round One

Rob and Katie, two Minneapolis sweethearts, just so happened to be in North Carolina at the same time as us for Drew and Amanda's wedding. Since Katie has a deep love of the ocean I suggested we take a few casual shots while we were there and round out our portrait session when we are back in the MPLS in a week or so. Without further ado, here is round one: 

Drew and Amanda's Beachside Rehearsal

Our adventure started last week when Garrett was biking in his last race of the season. On the second to last lap I lost track of him assuming I just missed him, but the last lap finished and still no Garrett. A trip to the ER and two cracked ribs later he was down for the count.

A week of rest and relaxing came to a close and we packed all the gear, loaded it onto my back, and made our way to North Carolina. I'm considering myself lucky that he was feeling up to the trip because, you know, we're a team... 

We met up with Drew and Amanda and a some more sweet Minnesotans at a breathtaking beachside rental. Between catching up with friends and the taco buffet we managed to grab a couple of pictures.

Huge success of a night in my opinion, and what a great way to get you ready for the rest of Hurricane AmanDrew.