Karla Alvarez

Ag 47

A few words on editing roadblocks.

I have the tendency to jump right into editing a project as soon as I get it all loaded into Lightroom. I pick my favorites and then whittle them down to something manageable for the project and apply our base "Ninethirty special sauce" edit and tweak from there until we are happy with the image.

We started with this image, witch I was actually pretty happy with but it wasn't grabbing Garrett in any particular way. Each small edit we tried kind of left it laying flat, it has a darker lighting style then we are used to shooting with and it kept jumping up like a road block. We set them aside for a week or so and in that time we went to the Chuck Close photographic exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery. Both of us were really drawn to his daguerreotype series. The use of light and shadow, the raw emotional quality, and the ah-mazing artistic voice he has of course. We tried this gelatin silver like edit on the series and it transformed into something completely different from where we began. 

Big thanks to our team as always: 

MUA - Karla Alvarez (@karla.makeupartist www.karlamakeupartist.com)

Hair - Mackenzie Valerio (@mtvhairartistry www.m.vagaro.com/SalonEleven21/about)

Model - Lexi Chinn (@lexi_chinn)


Nothing better then working with a team that works well together. We had an opportunity to get together with Gen and Karla twice over the last few months. Both shoots were killer on their own, and so completely different from each other.

The first shoot featured in EDWARD MAG 04

Photography - Garrett and Joan Born for Ninethirty

Art Direction and Wardrobe - Joan Born

Hair and Makeup artist - Karla Alvarez

Model - Gen Ramolete

The second shoot was one of our first at the new studio space. 

Photography - Garrett and Joan Born for Ninethirty

Art Direction - Garrett Born

Hair stylist and wardrobe - Geraldine Legaspi

Makeup artist - Karla Alvarez

Model - Gen Ramolete